Our Process

Thachan Kalai is a team of highly skilled interior designers who always strive to raise the bar with every new design. We are based out of Trichy and have been serving clients since ages. We prioritize the design and put forward our excellent team of designers to work in tandem with client prefernces.We include our clients at every point of the project to ensure clients settle only fot the Best.

1. Meet and Greet

We begin by In our first point of contact with our client, we introduce ourself and share some of our previous work and begin by understanding what the client has in mind and follow the client with our previous work so they get an idea of how we can shape things for them.

This is when we actually get to know the client which helps us in the next phase.

2. Conceptualize

Once we know what and how our client thinks, we brainstorm over all the resources and come up with something unique. In goes multiple rounds of white board meetings and virtual renders. We then share whatever we have come up with our client.

3. Design

Here comes the most important phase and why would anyone want to choose Thachan Kalai. We come up with 2D and 3D renders of the design and carefully ensure there is always a certain element of delight. We never restrict ourselves to just the usual combination of design elements, so you can always expect us to come up with something unique and impressive. At this point we expect the client to help us know their touchups.

4. Material Selection

Material selection for any interior design sets the tone for the whole infrastructure and at De Panache, we proud ourselves to bring the best of the whole world instead of restricting to just the material which is available at ease. We will go to any extent to cater to the needs of the client and ensure the materials used are of the finest quality & unique.

5. Implementation

Once the client approves our plan, we make sure every detail is sorted out and once done, we generally give the client a timeline where the client can then allow us to takeover their home or office. Rest assured, we will make sure to gift you a house or your office space that you will cherish for a lifetime.

6. Handover

Once the project is done from our end, we handover the project to the client post performing all the quality checks and rigorous follow ups.